S e r o t o n i n


S e r o t o n i n *
Freely adapted from the novel of the same name by Michel Houellebecq
Directed by: Dimitris Agartzidis & Despina Anastasoglou


* Serotonin: euphoric hormone. The hormone of happiness and good mood.

The subversive play Serotonin by Michel Houellebecq, one of the most demonic and influential contemporary writers, is being staged in a free transfer to the theater, for the first time worldwide, by Elephas tiliensis from January 3 in Kamiro. A multi-media performance, co-directed by Dimitris Agartzidis and Despina Anastasoglou, deeply existential, unorthodoxly romantic, about the illusions and impasses of modern civilization.

“We’re going to have a great time tonight! No one dies of sadness tonight. No one will jump out of the window tonight. Throw away your anti-depressants. We have surprises in store for you. A celebration. No birthday. A celebration of impending death. A huge show, where everything comes out. We offer lemons from China, wines from California, meats from Argentina and yellow vests. Lost loves, mistakes, denied kindnesses, crushed dreams, hopeless loves, betrayed friendships, guilt and regrets. Tonight we forget everything and look for pure Serotonin.”

The hero of the play, Florent, a senior official in the French Ministry of Agriculture, trained to technocratically structure his life and dominate nature, stands defeated in the face of its greatness, leading to depression and emotional sterility. At only 46 years old, a thought stuck in his mind “Is this how people are made to live?”. His youth is ending the way globalization is ending Europe’s agriculture and livestock.


Direction, Dramaturgy:
Set, Costumes:
Light design
Music, Video, Photos:
Directors’ assistant:
Dimitris Agartzidis, Despina Anastasoglou
Magdaleni Avgerinou
Nausicaa Christodoulakos
Sophia Mavragani
Thomas Beltsios
Maria Gioni
Evangelia Scropola
Dimitris Agartzidis, Maria Gioni, Maria Constantaki, Aris Laskos, Tatiana Anna Pitta / Theodora Tzimou. Special guest: Dimitra Vlagkopoulou
Thomas Beltsios


Serotonin is a work of unbridled cynicism, extreme humor and sarcasm about the political decadence of the modern world, which weakens body and soul. Frustrated people in a frustrated world, cruel, merciless to the weak, hardly ever keeping its promises. Patriarchy, racism, armed violence, discrimination, racial stereotypes, lack of psychological support, body shaming. Fires, disasters, pandemics. Nature takes revenge. In a decadent Europe everyone is unhappy in absentia. Depression is a potential condition, imposed by a toxic society. Illness becomes the pedagogical tool on the road to happiness.
Elephas tiliensis Serotonin isolates the moment when happiness escapes. Drawing materials from theatre, cinema, music and stand up, Dimitris Agartzidis and Despina Anastasoglou create their most profound existential performance, a human installation for a world of abandonment without solidarity, with mutated products and mutated people. Is it enough to believe in love, to stop destroying all its forms?

“A small white oval tablet with a cut in the middle. It does not create, it does not transform.[…] It does not give any form of happiness, no real relief, it has another function. It turns life into a series of formalities. He’s tricking you. And so it helps people to live or at least not die for a while. But death is always imposed, the molecules disintegrate and continue their prescribed course. It is undoubtedly faster for those who have never faced the world head on, for those who have not loved and been loved, for those who have always known that they are not fighting life. There are many of them, they have nothing to regret. I am not that case.”

Florent noticing a serotonin pill.


The novel Serotonin by Michel Houellebecq is published by ESTIA Publications.

The show is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture & Sports


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