Elephas Tiliensis

…the dwarf elephant of Tilos.

Isolated for a long time in a confined space, the elephants of Tilos were forced to shrink in order to survive.

The group was founded in 2013. Its first project was the Zyranna Zateli’s novel “The last year’s fiancée”. This play was presented for the period 2013/14, as well as 2014/15 at the “Neos Kosmos” theatre.
In 2014/15 the group collaborated with the “Art Theatre Karolos Koun” and put up a play at “Ypogeio” theatre, which was inspired by the “Alexandria Quartet” of Lawrence Durrell “Alexandria- I wonder, do truth and falsehood really exist?”
During 2015/16, the group presented a theatrical adaptation of Vangelis Raptopoulos’ novel “Lula” at the “Neos Kosmos” theatre.
In “Summer project” festival, of Bizoux de Kant group, the performance “How will my savior be?” was born, based on the short story by Jorge Luis Borges “Asterios’ house.” (June 2016)
During 2016/17, the group presented, in co-production with Neos Kosmos Theatre, a theatrical adaptation of “Persona” of Ingmar Bergman.
In 2017 the group presented the masterful pastoral romance written in Crete in the 16th century by Anonymous.
In 2018 the group presented Ibsen’s play “The lady of the sea”.
In Athens Festival 2018 presented a performance based on James Joyce’s Odysseus. “An oratorio ode to everyday life |episodes 13&18
In 2019 the group workedd on Sophocles’ Philoctetes in in an almost psychoanalytical performance.
The group’s theatrical plays have also been performed in Thessaloniki (Theatrical Meetings), in Ioannina (B ‘Theatrical Spring), in Rethymno (Antivaro Festival), and in Patras and Nafplion.
The group’s theatrical play “Alexandria” was nominated for a Dramaturgy Award in Critics’ Awards of Theatre & Dance, Karolos Koun 2016.
The group is being supported from the Greek Ministry of Civilisation.


    • LOVE ME
    • A human installation about accepting ourselves.

    • Philoctetes
    • The story of Philoctetes, the most lonely hero of Sophocles, the most horrible offender, in an almost psychoanalytical performance.

    • Odysseus
    • An oratorio ode to everyday life | episodes 13 & 18 | James Joyce

    • The lady oh the sea
    • Ibsen’s play in a performance about our resposibility in our freedom.

    • The shepherdess
    • The masterful pastoral romance written in Crete in the 16th century by Elephas tiliensis

    • Persona

How is a whole personality? As it really is, is it bearable? The enigmatic masterpiece of Ingmar Bergman is adapted to a theatrical play from the group Elephas tiliensis..

Using the marbles and the cement -the two darkest sides of a city – as setting, the idea of the play “How will my savior be?” came up, which is based on the short story “Asterios’ house” by Borges.

The novel, written by Vangelis Raptopoulos, is about the autistic world of Loula. Lula as a symbol of a whole generation who strives for adulthood during the toxic decades from the 90s onwards.

The Durrell’s masterpiece “The Alexandria Quartet” is combined with original texts written by members of the group, by the philosopher Theofanis Tasis, by the writer Valentina Karampagia, Marquis de Sade’s texts, as well as poems by Constantine Cavafy, Charles Baudelaire and Coventry Patmor, and historical and political documents also.
The first story of the first book of the very important novelist Zyranna Zateli for the first time is adapted in the theater.

The first story of the first book of the very important novelist Zyranna Zateli for the first time is adapted in the theater.

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New sessions of the workshop from October 07, 2017. The course “Body and Voice” focuses on finding the body sound, on discovering our true voice and on awareness of how interrelated is the voice with our body, through physical, vocal and breathing exercises.
May 15 – June 20 2019
Wednesday 18:00 to 20:00
Classes are held at Kavalotti Street – Acropolis Metro

  • “Voice and singing for kindergarten & primary school teachers” | From May 11, 2019.
  • The course “Voice and singing for kindergarten & primary school teachers” focuses on basic principals of breathing and voice for the teachers, and also practices techniques that the children get in touch with their voice and breathing, through simple exercise and voice plays. May 11 – June 29 2019
    Saturday 14:30 – 16:30

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    “Παρότι πρόκειται γα μετατροπή κινηματογραφικής αφήγησης σε θεατρική, το έργο έχει δική του ξεχωριστή δυναμική, που εξελίσσεται μέσα από τη σχέση των δύο ηθοποιών. Εκρηκτικές, γεμάτος πάθος και συναισθήματα, οι ερμηνείες, μέσα σε μια ασφυκτική ατμόσφαιρα, με την υποβοήθηση βιντεοπροβολών, δημιουργούν μια παράσταση με αδιάκοπη ροή και ενδιαφέρον. Και όπως έχει βυθιστεί η Βίκυ Κατσίκα στον ρόλο της Άλμα και η Άλμα στο ρόλο που η Βόγκλερ της έχει πυροδοτήσει, παρασυρόμαστε –οι θεατές– σε ένα προσωπικό υπαρξιακό ταξίδι.” Της Χριστίνας-Βαλεντίνας Θάνου στο Δρόμο της Αριστεράς.

    Συνέντευξη στη Μαρία Δουκάκη και στο Artic.gr. “Οι ερμηνεύτριες του έργου, Βίκυ Κατσίκα και Δέσποινα Κούρτη, υπήρξαν πολύ ομιλητικές προς τέρψιν της υποφαινόμενης και επικοινωνούν μέσω του Artic.gr με τον πιο ενδιαφέροντα τρόπο την παράσταση που σκηνοθέτησαν, μετέφρασαν και επεξεργάστηκαν οι σταθεροί ενορχηστρωτές των Elephas Tiliensis, Δημήτρης Αγαρτζίδης και Δέσποινα Αναστάσογλου. Βergman, λοιπόν, στο Θέατρο του Νέου Κόσμου για να δει κανείς τους Elephas Tiliensis να κάνουν αυτό που έχουν δείξει να ξέρουν καλά: μέσα από τη θεατρική τέχνη να προβαίνουν μαζί με τους θεατές στη μύχια καταβύθιση που ανασύρει την αλήθεια μέσα από το επί σκηνής ψέμα.”