Elephas tiliensis, after Sophocles’ Philoctetes and James Joyce’s Odysseus, presents the show “LOVE ME”. A work about the dark parts of human beings, the deep despair of existence and the frustrated expectations. A living installation of decadence between comedy and tragedy.
The story of a lumpen troupe trying to present on stage Shakespeare’s Richard III, starring a porn actress, a decadent director, a mafia aunt and porn producer, and a bunch of good intentions, that fall into emptiness.
LOVE ME is a dark comedy-hymn to love, with stand up and improvisation elements, that inevitably ends up looking like drama, screaming our unbearable need for acceptance for what we ended up being. A human installation that borrows material from theater, cinema and music itself to counter fear. An expression of our free self that nests deep behind our first senses and memories. A free fall within us, in the daily struggle to be loved.
Heroes change roles and faces, begging for acceptance. An acceptance of the self. LOVE ME is a work for everyone’s right to live freely, even if their system fails, not letting them breathe, survive. For the oppressed and marginalized within a violent socio-political system. For those who seek salvation to each other, as the society refuses, pushing them into isolation, misery and death. For love, for love, and for what remains after all the struggle for survival.

Set, Costumes:
Dimitris Agartzidis
Dimitris Agartzidis, Despina Anastasoglou
Sofia Mavragani
Magdalini Avgerinou
Vassilis Klotsotiras
Patroklos Skafidas
Vassilis Safos, Maria Parasiri, Dimitra Vlagopoulou, Youla Bountali, Despina Anastasoglou, Dimitris Agartzidis