Beckett | Prose | Happy days | The rocking | Acting Workshop 2022/23| Elephas tiliensis


Beckett | Prose | Happy days | The rockaby
Acting workshop with Dimitris Agartzidis and Despina Anastasoglou.

Three plays by Samuel Beckett are the subject of the Elephas tiliensis acting workshop for 2022/23.
The third cycle of the Workshop begins on April 7, 2023.

This year’s group acting workshop focuses on the writing of Samuel Beckett, who defined and cut corners for modern theatre. For the first time, the workshop spans three quarters, which those interested can attend individually or as a whole. The end of each term is closed with a test open to the public and at the end of the year the whole work will be completed with open presentations.

First quarter: October-December | Prose
Second quarter: January – March | Happy Days
Third quarter: April – June | The rockaby


As Rebecca Juganaru notes, an influencer is the person or thing that influences someone else and this term goes back to 1660. Beckett is an influencer for the theater and art space without causing it. The majority of his work, writings, directing and musical compositions have changed the face of theatre. With no intention other than his own devotion to his creative impulse Beckett is now as much a part of the cultural heritage as Democritus, Dante and Descartes were his trial available legacy*. He has been considered modern, postmodern, “father” of the theater of the absurd, but he himself refused not only these titles but also any attempt to give meaning to his works. He believes that life has a meaning, but this is impossible to find and so the world is condemned to suspended questions, impasses and despair. He writes in French to demystify the language’s ability to objectively describe essence and truth. He is not captured by grammatical rules, he goes from lyricism to the language of the pavement. He is anarchic, enigmatic and paradoxical. He questions the Cartesian cogito ergo sum and anthropocentrism and with his work argues in favor of the opposite.

Beckett’s speech provides the impetus for engaging in a theater that frees the performer all the fields of processing, intellectual and emotional, that can build his technique and free his imaginative space. We will work on the concept of address, meaning, rhythm and musicality of the text. We investigate how the performer systematizes his media and expands his boundaries in order to connect with and, at the same time, free himself from the terms and meanings of the text. The word and the text – as a set of words – contain the space of interpretation, personal involvement and freedom of the interpreter. The exercise on the text, the corporealization of its concepts and the search for its “emotional” identity are the demands of the workshop. Speech becomes the vehicle to find body and action, while opening communication with the imaginary hero that exists in each of us. The laboratory is in its thirteenth year of operation. We have worked on texts by Moliere, Borges, Sophocles, Chekhov, Beckett, Shakespeare, Ibsen, Frain. Meetings are weekly. We study all the stages of acting, study of the text, physical exercises, speech exercises, acting exercises, improvisations. Through this process, we collect the material that will make up the performance, as the presentation to the public completes the process.
The workshop is aimed at professional and amateur actors, as well as drama school students.
We believe in a theater open to all and sundry, without any restrictions and in the equal exchange of experiences and knowledge.

*Linda Ben-Zvi, influencing Beckett Beckett influencing, Budapest-Paris 2020.

The workshop completes its cycle with a series of performances in June 2023.


First quarter October-December | Prose
Second quarter January – March | Happy Days
3rd quarter April – June | The rocking


April – June 2023
Every Friday: 19.30 – 22.30



07 April 2023

Classes are held at Loop Dance Lab | Metro Sygrou-Fix, Elektrikos-Petralona


Due to the protection measures, the number of participants is limited, in order to keep us all safe. The Loop Dance Lab room is spacious, naturally ventilated and disinfected according to guidelines.