How will my savior be?



On the occasion of the “the summer project», the summer course of narrations of the cultural desire of bijoux de kant group, in order to create stage activities in the twilight of Athena street, by using the marbles and the cement -the two darkest sides of a city – as setting, the idea of the play “How will my savior be?” came up, which is based on the short story “Asterios’ house” by Borges.
Our -always- solitary self that is a royal offspring and smaller of the smallest, that lives excluded into the identical and infinite soul, and wishes someone to redeem him a day from the relentless repetition.
It is an ongoing project to be opened at any time the need arises.
It was first presented in bijoux de kant hood in June 2016.


Dimitris Agartzidis, Despina Anastasoglou
Achilleas Cyriakidis
Ioanna Plessa
Vicky Katsika, Maria, Moschouri
Dimitris Agartzidis, Despina Anastasoglou