Body and Voice | New sessions from October 04 2017


New sessions on the workshop are held from October 04 2017.

The course “Body and Voice” focuses on finding the body sound, the discovery of our true voice and the awareness of how interrelated is the voice with our body, through physical, vocal and breathing exercises.

The course includes relaxation techniques, and dynamic physical exercises, while it aims at a relaxed activation of the body so that the sound can be open and free, both in the daily use of the voice, and in the special use of it by actors, singers, educators etc. With this technique we avoid injuries and strain of the vocal cords, while we discover our real tone, we redefine our physical breath and we expand the abilities of our voice.
To participate in the workshop no musical knowledge is required. It is addressed at both amateurs and professionals users of voice. During the sessions we wear comfortable clothes.


October 04 – December 20 2017
Wednesday 18:00 to 20:00
Classes are held at Kavalloti Street – Acropolis Metro